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Swallows Football Club was founded in October 1947 making it the second oldest football club in South Africa. The club has a great heritage in South African football history. Formerly known as “the Dube Birds” Swallows had recently suffered a steady decline due to inefficient management and ownership. Due to the aforementioned challenges, the team also suffered on the field being relegated twice from the Premier Soccer League where Swallows has always competed all the way to the Second Division. With its affairs back in order. Under new ownership, the club is committed to preserving the history of South African football, maintaining the authenticity of the club, delivering quality and satisfactory results as well as keeping its loyal fans while drawing in new audiences.



The club was founded in the 1940s by a trio of soccer lovers, Ishmael Lesolang, Strike Makgatha and Johnny Kubheka. They originally named the side Congregated Rovers after the firm in which most of the players and officials worked, later changing it to Moroka Rovers. But then, on 10 October 1947, the trio decided to change the name again to Moroka Swallows (PS), basing themselves in the township formally known as Masakeng. The name has lasted for the best part of 55 years, a period which has seen consistent success both on the field and off it. The name ‘Moroka’ means ‘rain maker’ in Setswana and the township was probably named after Chief Moroka of Barolong boo-Seleka who became the president of the ANC in1940s. It is hardly surprising therefore that the club was renamed the ‘rain bird’. This year, the 10th October 2019 the team celebrates 70th Anniversary of the team. We are proud to celebrate our 72nd Anniversary